mid-morning in the mission. – the loup

mid-morning in the mission.

a colorful corner in the mission, “shot on iphone 6.” (have you seen those billboards? i can’t resist)

Apologies for the lapse in posting, my friends… I have been downsizing on an epic scale and have been literally swimming in brown cardboard moving boxes for the past two weeks. We’ve finally cleared the apartment of boxes, but we still have micro piles of things everywhere. Going from 2100 to 600 square feet is rather drastic, especially when one’s husband has a million hobbies. Mr. Wit and I took a break from unpacking last Sunday to head into the Mission District, where we spent the most of our day eating and looking for tiny furniture for the apartment.

You’ve probably seen shots of Gracias Madre’s gorgeous Los Angeles interiors, but behind the hype lies the original outpost in the Mission up North. Being from Texas, eating Mexican food without carnitas or sour cream seems like blasphemy, but I was intrigued by the glowing reviews of this vegan restaurant and stopped in.


a gorgeous overhead shot of the fare at gracias madre, courtesy of haute living (before I unearthed my camera from aforementioned moving boxes)

The verdict? Despite devouring the entire tableside salsas, we loved Gracias Madre. I didn’t miss the meat or cheese — the emphasis here was on bold spices and fresh ingredients. We ordered the gorditas, chimichanga, and platillo of veggies. Between the two of us we still had about a half dish leftover, and I ate my leftovers the next day, which is saying a lot for a girl who used to shun doggie bags. I’m planning my next visit already…


tartine looking splendid courtesy of eater sf

After perusing the Blu Dot showroom a few yards away, I found myself craving one of Tartine’s morning buns, having sensed we were within close distance of the bakery. Don’t fear the line… while relatively slow moving, if you’re picking up a pastry to go, you won’t be waiting an extremely long time. I’m quickly learning that the best places to eat in San Francisco always have a line (thanks to advice from coworkers), so I’m chalking up the experience to part of the charm of the foggy city.

Don’t worry, my spring/summer capsule wardrobe breakdown is coming soon!

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