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ground rules (and what is a capsule wardrobe?)

Chances are, you have probably heard of a capsule wardrobe by now, but I’d like to offer my own definition. A capsule wardrobe is a way of using fashion to experiment with a minimalist lifestyle with the ultimate goal of simplifying your look and life. Essentially, you pare your seasonal wardrobe down to any number of pieces (typically 25-50) including tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, and shoes. You then get creative in how you mix and match, and your closet and wallet get a bit of breathing room.

I’ve had a few friends ask me about the “rules” and how I’m planning to follow them. The answer is simple… I’m focusing on downsizing by keeping a certain number of pieces in my head (my ‘number’ is 40, which you’ll hear about later) and using that as a goal. Someone asked, “did you get rid of everything but 40 pieces?” No. I kept items that weren’t seasonal, and I also kept a small amount of things that I felt I could use for future capsules. I think you should do what feels comfortable for you, and take it from there. Keep in mind the end goal… you’ll be looking perpetually “put together” without spending  hours trying to figure out your daily outfits, and you’ll be creating a smaller footprint by not consuming as much. I hope this journey brings you joy and freedom, not stress about numbers or shopping.

As always, please reach out via comment, email, or social media if you have any questions! Tomorrow, we start by cleaning out our closets!

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