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escape to big sur

a famous Big Sur coastline view.

One thing I love about the Bay Area is its’ proximity to so many intriguing destinations. Napa, Santa Cruz, Yellowstone, and more are just a few hours away. A few weekends ago, I loaded up my car with packing gear, plus the DH and our dog to take a quick weekend getaway to Big Sur.

Ventana Campground

The ability to go from the wild coastline to laying your head down amongst a forest of Redwoods in a few minutes is what makes Big Sur so unique and popular. We decided to pitch a tent at Ventana Campground, fueled by the desire to be able to bring our dog and to evade the area’s traditionally expensive accommodations. Otherwise known as the site of Sean Parker’s Lord of the Rings themed wedding, Ventana is a tent-only campground located on the site of the uber pricey Ventana Inn and Spa. I figured we’d be getting the gorgeous scenery at one-tenth of the price of the spa, and we had a lovely time ‘glamping’ (the campground has showers + bathrooms) under the trees. The place is relatively new and still under-the-radar, so if you’re like us and didn’t make reservations in a state or federal campground a year in advance (yes, this is apparently a thing around here!) it might fit the bill for your last minute camping excursion.

Big Sur Bakery, @katie.madeline

Big Sur is also known for its’ abundance of top notch eateries, with Big Sur Bakery being one of the more famous. We stopped here for pastries and coffee one morning and weren’t disappointed. It was a nice respite from ‘camp coffee’ and oatmeal! We also drove over to Carmel & Monterey for a few hours but weren’t able to spend enough time, in my opinion. It’s worth noting that Big Sur wasn’t the most dog friendly area (compared to Carmel) but we were able to find a few hikes to take our four-legged friend along with us. We’re already planning our next trip down… let me know if you need additional recommendations!

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