building a house, from the ground up. – the loup

building a house, from the ground up.

the back view from our potential home (Axiom 2450) created by Turkel Design

If you follow me on social media, you might not be surprised to hear that my husband and I are embarking on an entirely new, unexpected, and crazy journey relating to homeownership in the Bay Area. As you’ve probably heard a million times, the real estate market here is insane. Having owned our own place in the Seattle area, we wanted to be able to invest in the area but were quickly discouraged by the extremely high home prices and even crazier offer process (our realtor tried his best, but those cash offers just always look best!) — and we looked every. single. place. Down the Peninsula, up in the city (major fixer uppers!), Oakland, Berkeley, etc.

After a whirlwind few months of seeing all of the open houses we could handle (each weekend, every weekend, “weekend warrior style”) we decided it was time to start thinking outside of the box. As I’ve chatted about before, my husband and I have always thrown around the idea of living in a tiny house on a bit of land for a few years while we saved up to purchase our own place, which meant that we’ve been researching and studying the whole prefab/modular home process for a few years now. Long story short… we ended up buying a beautiful piece of land in Oakland and decided to create our own home for about as much as we’d be spending on a smaller place in need of a lot of fixing!

If you’re thinking it all sounds too good to be true, believe me… we thought the same thing. I’ll be taking you through the entire process here, from identifying land, financing, architects, through the finished product. I imagine I’ll be at my wit’s end by the end of everything, but I hope our process inspires others to go through the extremely daunting-seeming process of building a home from the ground up.


the interior of an axiom home from Turkel

We brought the folks at Turkel Design on-board to head up the design, and we’ve more or less settled on the above design (the 2450). We looked at quite a few firms before deciding on Turkel, and we think they’ll be able to translate our vision into an actual place to live, sometime in the next year and a half or so. I’ve named our future abode the hillhaus, a nod to our rather sloped location. More to come as we kick off the design process in the next few weeks — I’ll lead you through how we got here soon!

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